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...If you are honestly not satisfied with the quality of our work and explain why, we will give you back a full money refund.

Our customer charter is the synopsis of how we create value and deliver solutions for our customers. Every staff at Clayfields & Harrow is committed to help our customers ensure absolute customer satisfaction at all times.

  1. We will always ensure that the value we create for our customers exceeds what it cost our customers to do business with us.
  2. Our staffs are extensively and continuously trained to ensure they are always equipped with the requisite technical and soft skills to give excellent quality service at all times.
  3. We will manage and maintain our customers facilities with absolute integrity and due care.
  4. Staff performance and reward is fully tied to customer satisfaction. So if you are not happy with our services, we do not reward ourselves
  5. We will be proactive in dealing with our customers and honestly advice them in order to avert facilities downtime that lead to loss of business.
  6. At all times, customer and employee safety will never be compromised. We will use proper tools, machines and appropriate chemicals in carrying out our tasks.
  7. We will accord our customers full respect and we will expect our customers to reciprocate and treat our staff with courtesy.
  8. We will respond to any emergency/distress call from our customers at anytime and we will put in every effort to remedy the situation.

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