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Our Safety Policy Statement

Safety is central to everything we do at work and we absolutely do not compromise it.

  1. Every employee is required to put safety of him/her and others first in carrying out any task. They should be zero margin for safety error.
  2. A copy of health and safety policy manual must be given to all employees on the first day of resuming duty. It must also be fully taught at new hires induction class. Every employee will be mandatorily retrained every six months.
  3. All actual accidents and safety related incidences must be reported, recorded, investigated and analyzed. A detailed report must be generated outlining measures to be taken to avoid a reoccurrence of the same or similar incidents.
  4. We will collaborate with every safety regulatory agency that we need to, to help ensure that we have a standard safety policy and practice in place at Clayfields & Harrow.

Always remember, if it isn’t safe, don’t do it, talk to your supervisor immediately.

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